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How to create an unforgettable unboxing experience for a brand

For e-commerce firms, product packages are the most direct brand-customer touch. It's one of the most underrated marketing opportunities, however.

Merchants package the product to avoid harm during the distribution process, but simply focusing on protecting the product would likely make you miss the marketing potential concealed in the package. If you can use packaging marketing effectively, unboxing is a perfect opportunity for consumers to remember the brand.

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• What's your branded packaging experience?

• Why is branded packaging so important?

• Create personalized packaging experience

• Related tools for custom branded packaging boxes

• Branded packaging experience expense

• Make the unboxing experience evocative.

What's your branded packaging experience?

Overall, branded packaging expertise is expressed not only in the careful selection of distribution and packaging materials but also in product presentation. It aims to respect consumers and brands by making a strong first impression of the product (both memorable and worth sharing).

Online retailers aren't like traditional stores. They have comparatively fewer touchpoints in designing an optimal experience. Although online shopping has the benefit of high performance, before buying, consumers cannot touch or feel the actual product. That's why you need to seize the limited touchpoints you can use to build your consumers an unforgettable brand experience and make your brand better than others.

Why is branded packaging so important?

Building a long-lasting and successful brand involves finding ways to bring consumers back and back again and again. No doubt, old customers are normally able to pay more. Therefore, if you can put more time into retention and loyalty marketing, you need not think about retaining new customers.

According to a survey conducted by Dotcom Distribution in 2016, 40 percent of consumers are able to buy high-quality packaging from online retailers.

The survey also found that high-quality packaging will make the brand feel better, and customers typically expect to receive beautifully packaged items.

Basically, people are able to share some of the great things they've had. Try "unboxing" on Google, and you'll find countless related blogs, pictures, and videos. Many of these contents are produced by consumers themselves, and they certainly played a very important role in further brand promotion.

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Create a customized packaging experience

When you're making a well-designed branded packaging and unboxing experience, you need to use various elements cleverly, but you don't need to combine them with one breath.

The key thing is to determine which packaging changes will offer the best customer service and value. If you can use the following elements successfully, leave an unforgettable impression on your customers.

1. Packing

The product's key packaging container is a major feature. It usually depends on the commodity and can be a package, envelope, or courier bag. White and brown corrugated packaging used to be many people's first choice because it's inexpensive and sturdy and can play a simple protective role, but the first impression they offer might not be so pleasant.

Although the product's main packaging is very necessary to create a refreshing experience, many high-quality packaging costs aren't low.

2. Wrapping paper

Wrapping paper is very useful in producing surprises in the unboxing experience. Custom wrapping paper or wrapping paper is more practical.

3. Packaging

Traditional fillers include foam plastic pellets, foam gaskets, or bubble film packaging. Although bubble film packaging is more appealing for some people, it looks really monotonous and it's hard to give people any sense of luxury. Some packaging fillers are crepe paper (color or brown) and excelsior.

4. Sticker

Stickers are relatively useful as diverse and inexpensive. Using wrapping paper, you can put labeled stickers on paper joints. Often, instead of printing the packaging box custom designs, it's easier to try lower-cost stickers to produce branded material.

You may also start using other stickers, such as adding a short message strip to show gratitude to customers for buying your items.

5. Promotional or business cards

Adding business cards is both cost-efficient and effective. Remember, they're not quite the same as business cards, you can have your own ideas.

For example, Dollar Shave Club would incorporate elements into the product packaging, including the newsletter's print edition (email subscription). Because of its product characteristics, this form of printed content can not only be easily used as bathroom reading material but can also help you deepen the relationship between customers and brands.

You may also insert a custom message or specially crafted operating guide to help consumers gain more value from your product.

6. Packaging List

Including receipts or packing slips in the box is a common operation, but many people do not know how to use this brand advertising or marketing opportunity.

Suppose you dine in a high-end restaurant, the workers normally put the bill in the wallet and hand it to you during checkout. In fact, inserting receipts and packing slips in appropriate positions in the box follows the same idea, since it is not what consumers are eager to see when opening the package.

Using Shopify's template language Liquid, you can customize the content and design of the list by adding or subtracting elements as required, such as adding your logo or product picture. You may also consider including a promotional code in the packaging list to allow consumers to buyback.

7. Customized note

To be frank, handwritten cards are hard to scale, but new companies will do anything to satisfy customers. Strengthening the connection between the brand and the user by heartfelt handwritten notes or cards is very significant since these messages are from the heart and demonstrate that you care for your customers.

8. Tape Do you think you need to use clear packaging tape? It's not really. Now you need colored tapes to customize the packaging. Creating branded tape can also improve brand awareness.

9. Samples or gifts

You may consider adding a free gift to the package based on your order or purchase record. You'd better pick items that your customers are more interested in. For example, if a customer buys a shampoo, you can add a suitable conditioner sample. Cross-marketing results can be accomplished by adding other goods to consumers.

Customized branded packaging tools

If you are looking for some custom packaging materials to produce a great unboxing branded experience, you can refer to the following foreign suppliers:

Packaging package

Jungle-type envelope



Sticker You Sticker Giant Advertising Mule

Overnight Vista prints

Costs of branded packaging experience

The downside of a custom branded packaging experience is the expense it may take, i.e. time and money investment.

You need to determine the content is more feasible based on the average order amount and profit margin, and implement elements that will offer the brand and consumers the most value.

Custom boxes are normally more costly. To build a custom packaging package, you can need a minimum order quantity of 500 or more, and each box costs between $5 and $25. The price of each courier bag with a pattern is between 0.25 and 3 US dollars, and some suppliers have only 10 minimum order quantities. Additionally, packing boxes are usually much heavier than these courier bags, so distribution costs can rise.

If you don't need a packaging box to prevent harm, choosing lighter packaging will save you a lot of money.

If you can be more adventurous in choosing to package, you can not only achieve similar results but also save on many costs. You should start having pre-designed Line-color boxes. These boxes' minimum order quantity and price are relatively low. Often the minimum order quantity is 50 boxes, and each box is only US$2.5.

If you want to further customize the packaging experience, consider making logo stickers using a service like Sticker Giant.

The larger your order (different packaging materials can be used), the lower the cost. You can be more able to choose packaging elements and reduce costs by expanding order volume. Furthermore, when calculating the overall cost of packaging, you must consider the disparity in the weight of different packaging.

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